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What Crossotel learnt from hotels around the world?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

We have traveled millions of miles, stayed in thousands of hotels, what we have learned is that we as human beings have a single tool in our arsenal and that’s our ability to make human connections. Crossotel believes we are people first in a hotel and professionals second and that's always the key to our success.

All of us have stayed in some great hotels around the world and let us break your heart by saying that those hotels are just brick and mortar, glass and steel. No matter how sophisticated, elegant or beautiful those buildings maybe- there are some things they cannot do. The buildings cannot smile, they can't listen, they can't anticipate a need. They won't get out of their way to open a door or hail a cop for you because that's what we humans do.

We have been in the industry for a lot of years and have learned a lot of things. We learned that guests in a hotel will appreciate it if you remember their name and they will love you for it if you know what kind of pillow they like. We have learned that humanity matters far more than buildings, far more than art, cars or things that you throw at guests, and through our career, we've collected a lot of stories. Let us share some from the memory that happened with someone from our own team, let's call him Mr Mittal.

Now Mr. Mittal has a lot of connections in the industry, a lot of good friends, and mostly whenever he enters his room in a hotel, he always finds in the corner- a beautiful cheese tray, a nice bottle of wine, and a card with his name on it- sitting at an angle of 45 degrees against the bottle of wine.

Today, its midnight and the cheese is in a horrible condition by now. He could see sweat beads running down by its side and as its midnight the wine has also become useless for him. The unfortunate note doesn’t concern him at this hour as they always say the same thing.

Except for this one hotel. He sees the same stuff kept there but this time there is the note but not in an envelope. Jackpot, the hotel skipped a step for him. So purely out of guilt and a little bit of wishful thinking for karma, he decides to read the note. He picked up the card and wait, he noticed a change. On the bottom of the card, it said, "PS- The Avengers is on HBO at 8 o'clock tonight."

He was shocked and wondered how did they find out, so he quickly searched his name on Google, and the third entry there is his facebook profile, the public portion, it said that he liked the movie. Your wine is dammed, your cheese is dammed but you got him.

He got trolled and he liked it we must say, the hotel won him for life because they cared enough to find something about him and connect with him on a human level. That hotel, 1 night or 10 nights, he’s not moving away. He'll be a customer for life, a brand ambassador forever.

This is called the human connection business. It's so much part of our DNA. That's why emotional pain hurts more than the physical pain. That's why social denial hurts so much. That's why Instagram likes matter so much. We, humans, need water, air, food to survive but the need to fit in is equally important. This human connection business applies to any business, no matter what business we are in.

And that's the exact reason why we at Crossotel love and believe this. Just like you treat your customers, we at Crossotel love to please and fulfill your expectations in every possible way. We like to go the extra mile to understand what you need, and solve it for you. Because at the end of the day, even your revenue management needs are going to get fulfilled by a human being before the software automates the solution for you.

Empathy, intimacy, respect is a kind of poetry of our species. This poetry is going to help us make sense out of the chaos. Buildings cannot help us do that, we humans can.

Always remember, we are people first and professionals second.

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Empathy, intimacy, respect is a kind of poetry of our species. This poetry is going to help us make sense out of the chaos. Buildings cannot help us do that, we humans can.

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