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7 actionable marketing tips to ensure repeat guests for your hotel

The key essence of any successful hotel is the room sales it does. Room sales eventually brings guests to the hotel which then invariably transitions in revenue generation for other departments as well. Being connected digitally is one of the most important strategies one must make use of, specially when we wish to speak and communicate directly with our guests. Love it or hate it, having a social media presence for a hotel is a huge opportunity to attract and convert potential guests and ensure repeat guests. Let me give you 7 actionable tips to bring guests to your hotel over and over again!

82% of customers place trust in hotels that are on social media and 56% say they follow brands to browse products for sale. In short, this is a goldmine for new guests.

The key thing to focus on social media is engagement. Seizing your audience's attention with beautiful pictures of your property can do wonders to attract prospective customers.

76% of social media users post their vacation photos on social media. So a simple thing such as encouraging guests to tag your hotel in their posts can work wonders. Taking full advantage of this free advertising can raise your hotel to stardom.

There is a phrase which says, listen more than you talk. This even goes very well with digital listening. Hoteliers should listen to what people say about their property. If it is a positive comment, one must try highlighting it on the hotel's social media profile. If negative, one must react proactively on it and ensure the problem is eradicated.

A good way to get repeat guests is to use the data of customers hotels have. Every hotel has a CRM database. Hotelier must try to segment it strategically, so it can be used to connect with guests through email. Upload the list to facebook, use the local advertisement model and remarket to your existing and prospective customers. The CRM data is very valuable and if you are not using it you are missing out on an opportunity to improve guest retention and getting more people interested in your hotel.


The next way to market may sound strange, but is very true. Hotelier must promote the destination, not his hotel. Unfortunately a hotel may or may not be unique from the competitor down the street, however what can set it apart from the competition is how it promotes the destination. What are the things around the hotel that people are coming to visit, and what are the things to do there. Answering these two questions can make all the difference.

Create the content around things to do in your destination and you could easily cut through the noise of the competitor hotels in your area. I recommend creating a map of local things to do. Any good restaurants, bars, clubs, sightseeing locations, monuments and even sporting events happening in the area should be included. If you can position your property as the go-to resource for local information, your competition wouldn't be able to touch you.

Another important area of guest contact is post check-out. Once your guests leave your property, they are probably not going to remember you very much, unless they can remain in touch with you via some form of digital media. Hotels can effectively leverage their social media to touch base with their guests once a while. When guests leave, you can present a small memento from the hotel's side and click a picture with them. This picture is a new piece of content for your social media handles. You can get more engagement by tagging your guests in such posts.

It's fair to say that the digital world is now fully integrated into our lives. With so much information available on the web, it is challenging to differentiate ourselves from competition and hit a chord with our guests. I believe that by experimenting with the above techniques you can build a highly loved accomodation for customers who come back to you again and again.

If you wish to add any more strategies, please feel free to write in the comment box.

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