Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that the prices run by Crossotel for my hotel are the correct prices? How can I control these prices?

Crossotel Revenue Management Studio gives you total control over the prices of your hotel. You can control the prices of your hotel rooms by defining a 'Lowest Net Rate' which is the least price for that particular room type. For the overall health of the hotel, you can also define the ARR of the hotel for a fixed time period and Crossotel's pricing engine will deliver the ARR while keeping the prices dynamic.

What is the Crossotel client onboarding process?

The onboarding process requires you to sign up for the Crossotel Subscription on the website. Once that is done, it takes us few hours to setup your property and give you your login credentials. Once you login, you will be guided through a short data gathering process. You can start taking control of your online sales soon after login.

Does Crossotel only work for hotels or also for other types of accomodation like BnB, Resort, Hostels etc?

Crossotel RMS can be used for any accomodation type that sells its inventory online through OTAs, or any other website. It is easy to install, and gets direct connected to your online channels.

I'm not sure if I want to use Crossotel but I want to try it out. How do I go about it?

If you would want to try out the revolutionary Crossotel RMS but not sure for how long, don't worry. Crossotel's customer success team wakes up every morning only to assist hotel professionals like you. You can schedule a free demo presentation, so that one of our executives can help you showcase the product and help you improve your roomsales.