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What is Crossotel RMS

Crossotel RMS or Revenue Management Studio is a fully automated, AI driven suite to apply revenue management and dynamic pricing strategies across all your sales channels on the click of a button.

Have an ARR or occupancy to target for your hotel this month? Crossotel lets you pre-define hotel ARR or Average Room Rate. Crossotel also allows you to apply revenue management strategies on a single click. Add to that, real-time automated price adjustments, conventionally known as dynamic pricing- can deliver an additional 20%-50% growth in your room sales alone.

How it works

Still changing rates on a Channel Manager?

Crossotel lets you automate your hotel prices, while still giving you full control of hotel ARR and rates. Once your hotel is on boarded- Crossotel RMS becomes an integral part of your inventory and rate management on a daily basis. Define your ARR and occupancy goals- and let Crossotel do the rest! Crossotel RMS uses historical as well as current booking data and multi-layer data crunching to decide the best price at any given point of time. These price changes occur ever so often, and react to every minute change in inventory, time, bookings etc to deliver you the best price for your hotel room. 

How can Crossotel positively impact your room revenue?

Once you start using Crossotel RMS- Crossotel's advanced pricing engine automates the rates for each available room and gives you the best rates for each room at any given point of time. In effect, over a period of  time this adds up to your overall revenue and occupancy by getting better rates during high demand days and focus on occupancy during low demand periods. You can expect anything between 25% to upto 200% increase in your overall room revenue. We also give you 24/7 tech and strategy support to help you get best results from Crossotel.

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